IT Administration Routines

Posted on October 31, 2015 at 11:54 pm

One of the most important tasks an IT administrator has, is making sure regular maintenance is carried out on the computers under his or her management.

Over time computers accumulate things such as spyware, malware, cookies, temporary internet files and disk fragmentation. These are a handful of items that will need to be cleaned up and managed by the admin and there can be a lot to keep on top of.

A widely used method of making sure maintenance is carried out is to make a weekly or monthly maintenance schedule. The maintenance schedule will include all of the maintenance tasks required and for them to be done in a regular pattern.

The regularity will help the admin to get into the habit of carrying out the maintenance. It will also allow the PC users to work around the scheduled maintenance, as it’s common maintenance routines require full, uninterrupted use of the computer.

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