Gigamon launches network traffic visibility as a service tool

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 8:15 am

Traffic management firm Gigamon has unveiled an update for its GigaVue service that offers IT teams the ability to gain insights on the different traffic demands from different areas of the business.

The GigaVue 3.1 update will include a Visibility as a Service (VaaS) add-on within the Flow Mapping process to enable administrators to supply data on the traffic within departments.

This could be used by teams such as marketing to analyse visitor traffic, or security teams looking at event monitoring after an incident.

Gigamon chief strategy officer Shehzad Merchant said that providing this kind of system will help enterprises benefit from the cloud in internally to gain greater insights into their data.

“The notion of multi-tenancy has made its way from the public cloud space into enterprise IT infrastructure as well,” he said.

“This solution enables network administrators and services teams to virtualise the Visibility Fabric and offer Visibility as a Service to the different IT departments.”

The firm said that this capability will enable organisations to alter management policies on a per-team and per-department basis as needs requires, while maintaining the compliance and privacy controls they have in place across the enterprise.

These tenants, who include various IT operations teams, will have the power to dynamically change monitoring and traffic visibility policies on a per-organisation or per-tenant basis without impacting other departmental monitoring polices, while maintaining compliance and privacy.

The GigaVue 3.1 update also includes a host of other updates such as role-based access control capabilities and improved workflow displays for monitoring of policy configurations. The update will be launched on 30 September for no additional cost for existing customers of the GigaVue tool.

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