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The Advantages Of Using A Solid State Drive For Web Hosting

Posted on June 30, 2015 at 8:34 pm

SSD’s or Solid State Drives are becoming increasingly common in web design. A new technology and the current fore runner in storage devices. The SSD is a replacement to the traditional hard drive and is looking to replace it entirely, eventually.

Its major advantage over a standard hard drive is its speed. The ability to load a computer from off to being work-ready in several seconds gives SSD’s a unique selling point. One that is functional and pretty cool in comparison to older technology.

The speed of use will allow someone to save a great deal of time when using a computer, in every area. The near instant access of data will shed hours over the course of a month of computer work. Increased efficiency leading to increased work output a great thing indeed.

Design programs like Photoshop will also function much more effectively. Allowing a user to create designs more efficiently and easily.

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The Importance Of Domain Name Themes

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 7:12 pm

There are many valuable traits that a good domain name has. Ease to write, ease to remember, catchiness. But an important quality is the theme of the domain name. It’s in maintaining the consistency between the theme of the business and the theme of the domain name, that it can work in your favour to bring in the right customers.

Your entire website can be based around a domain name. It goes without saying that ‘’ could potentially be a website about books, but it’s in the simplicity of ‘Books’-‘.com’ that you could further structure the website. The entire website could have a minimalist theme, or an air of ease and simplicity around it, all connecting to the initial domain name.

Considering the domain name for an existing business can also work in maintaining a theme. Your business may be a well founded welding company, called Central-West Fabrication as an example. A straight forward and functional domain name like could work to capture clients that need a job done with no hassle.

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Speeding Up Loading Times

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 7:24 pm

A slow loading time can prevent people from revisiting your website, and they may click off before your content has even loaded, so it’s something all website owners should consider.

Slow loading times can occur for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is because files are too large. If you have an extremely large file like an image or an infographic, then it could take some time to load and it’s always best to make sure the size is suitable.

A large image file doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, and you should size your images and other forms of content carefully. Having media players like YouTube videos can delay loading times, especially if they’re set to run when the page opens so just make sure you’re being cautious with content before you add it to your site.

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Improve online visibility in Northampton

Posted on August 20, 2014 at 7:54 am

Why do top web development companies always focus on improving the usability of a website in a detailed manner? Usability can make or break the reputation of a website. Your website should motivate the visitors to come back and if people can’t use a site properly, they will get easily distracted. A top quality web development company in Northampton always concentrates hard to build an easily accessible and highly useful website for the visitors. Here are the most significant factors that increase the usability of a website in the best manner:


When the visitors open a highly usable website, they can see around 90 % of the content that they are looking for quite easily and an average site reveals only 50 % to 60 % of the content. You can always associate a lot of unwanted ads, irrelevant graphics and complicated navigation with a substandard site. The content plays the most prominent role in making the web usability really superior and if you do not have quality content on your site, web pages will certainly look meaningless. A reliable web development company in Northampton will give adequate importance to content during the design process.

Page layout

If you want to display the content in an attractive fashion, your page layout should be really good. Page layout always determines how the content is displayed on the page and quality layout keeps the visitors stay on the site. If visitors cannot find the content easily and quickly, they may leave your site and that is exactly where the importance of maintaining your pages simple and clean comes in. Top developers will teach you how to position your content properly and it is being done by offering highly attractive grid layouts. Such a method of approach improves the usability in the best possible manner. You need to place primary content in the most important column and smaller columns can be used to place different elements like advertising, navigation and non-essential graphics as well.


Colours always influence the web usability and certain standard colours can be used with web browsers that represent links. For active links, you can use red colour and violet colour can be used for visited links. For other types of links, you can use blue colour as well. Using too many colours can cause confusion in the minds of the visitors and every element should be represented using the right colour. A competent web development company in Northampton selects colours with proper care and planning and they will always have better understanding about how to make a good colour palette.


If you do not know how to write valid HTML, you will not be able to maintain your site highly usable for the visitors. Top developers will have deep knowledge about different aspects of HTML and they will teach you how to apply the latest version of HTML to improve usability with utmost efficiency.


Better application of CSS properties will certainly improve the usability of your website and the load time also plays a key role in keeping the site user-friendly. The bottom line is that if you want to improve the usability in the best manner, you should hire a reliable and reputed web development company in Northampton.


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